Ruby on Rails & Ruby Conf

1 - 2 July 2017 - Wrocław

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Presentations, technical panel, lightning talks and ... BBQ!

Grill.rb is Poland's first outdoor conference devoted fully to Ruby on Rails. Over the course of the two-day event we are going to discuss topics which are the most crucial for Ruby on Rails community, such as: best practices; development process and the future of Ruby. Interested? Visit Wrocław for the weekend! Don't miss out on this opportunity to get to know the community! Exchange expert knowledge and experience with other enthusiasts in a relaxing, enjoyable setting. Register today to become a part of this unique event!



July 01, 2017
Come early, get your badge and secure the best spot!
Jan Filipowski
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Microservices architecture as if you meant it
In last few years we saw huge hype around microservices architecture. It was advertised as way to achieve more independence of teams and way to scale out systems horizontally. Your code should’ve become loosely coupled and easy to extend. But it doesn’t come up without a cost. So let’s see how much work you have to put to actually achieve that.
Gather around the fire and enjoy the feast!
Przemysław Świercz
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Are you secure?
Most of the developers ignore the fact their apps are mostly 3rd party code. Hey, but you know what’s running on your server, don’t you? When did you last time check the list of CVEs? Did your app ever go through a security audit? Let’s see what happens when you forget about security.
Marcin Wierzbicki
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Open Space
Piotr Solnica
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rom-rb 4.0 is coming
We’ve come a long way with rom-rb and changed the way people can work with data in Ruby. In this talk I’ll introduce you to rom-rb and explain why this alternative way works better than Active Record. We’ll take a look at functional data processing, flexible data transformations, altering data using changesets and the importance of type-safety. You’ll see how rom-rb is evolving and where we’re going with this big effort!
Michał Knapik
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Continuous Delivery for Rubyists
The term Continuous Delivery exists since writing Agile Manifesto and the idea was popularized by Jez Humble and David Farley in 2010. Even though most people heard about CD, it didn't become ubiquitous. I would like to briefly explain the approach, highlight the benefits, and demonstrate the challenges and solutions in the Ruby world, hopefully making the adoption easier.
Pub: Mleczarnia, Włodkowica 5
July 02, 2017
Maciej Mensfeld
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Ruby 3.0 - Single process, muliple possibilities
Ruby has been with us for more than 20 years. During that time it has gone some bigger and smaller changes, however there were only few that could match the incoming events. Ruby 3.0 will require a certain mind shift in the way we think and program in Ruby. Will you be ready when the time comes? Come and see for yourself.
Guillermo Iguaran
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Making JavaScript great again in Rails
In the past Rails have had a stormy, perhaps even contentious, relationship with JavaScript over the years. But that time is past. JavaScript has improved immensely over the past few years, particularly with the advent of ES6, and with package and compilation tools like Yarn and Webpack. Rails 5.1 is embracing both of these solutions with open arms and letting whatever past water flow under the bridge. This talk will explain how was the adoption process told by one insider who witnessed all the process. This talk will be focused in talking about the inclusion of Webpack (through webpacker gem) and Yarn in Rails 5.1. I'll explain in detail the reason behind the decision of include those tools and how was the process to choose and adopt them. The intended audience is the Ruby/Rails developer from all levels, from novice to expert
Michał Połtyn
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Ruby Magic
Are you tired of snake-oil salesmen telling you magic is all you need for your Ruby? Have you had a chance to try real Ruby Magic yet? In this talk, Michał Połtyn will try to reproduce real-life magic tricks, using only IRB
David Császár
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Role models are important: Rubocop
Make your team more productive through automated code guidelines. Adding team members or reviewing code often brings up the topic of coding conventions. The talk will encourage you to save time, by turning opinions into rules, and letting Rubocop do the rest.



Why participate?

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Learn the architecture

Get familiar with microservices, monolithic applications and multi-database applications.

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Perfect best practices

The quality of software is a measure of implementation and perfection of development best practices. Improve on your workshop!

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Gaze into the future

Innovations are born when we look into the future and set goals. Look into Ruby's future and start acting!

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Get inspired

Participate in workshops and talks. Get familiar with different perspectives, discuss, ask questions, solve problems and learn!

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Technical panel

Moderated discussion panels where our guests will discuss the most vital topics and answer your questions.

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Kick back and enjoy talks about latest trends, best practices and tested solutions.

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Lightning talks

Would you liketo share your latest work or show off your achievements? This is your time to shine! Cointact us !

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Enjoy BBQ with friends and colleagues who love Ruby as much as you do.